There should be some intro right???!

Let me introduce myself…my name is Lakeysha, but those I hold dear refer to me as Key. I have a strong feeling that you will come to call me the same. I am a west Tennessee native and current resident(Jackson TN to be exact). I am a full time wife, mother, student, worker, and motivator. I love my triibe(family and friends) and everything they do. I love all things art! Whether that is music, drawing, poetry, dance, fashion and more. Drawing however has to be my first and ultimate love. I am quirky, nerdy, introverted, HONEST TO A FAULT, encouraging, and big on free thought. I am sure you will come to know this all to be true.

I started this blog as a safe space. A place to talk about the nuances of being a woman(mother, daughter, sibling, friend, lover, etc) in some posts specifically a woman of color…. and how we manage to get past and through them. You know… how we manage to make all the mess and madness in our lives look so damn good(yes I swear some…if it’s too much….this blog is not for you). Hence the name organeyzed(organized was taken already lol) chaos. I have no PhD’s or letters to my name, this is strictly survival and success from my point of view.

I hope that as you take this journey with me that something that I post speaks to you. That something urges you to be your best and most authentic self. That you feel like you can read and share here safely with me. And that you know that you are not alone.

Enjoy and I’ll be chatting with you soon

Love and Light,



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