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Rainy Days in the Forecast(A little more of my story)

I have been working on this blog for 11 days now. I have been contemplating on just how transparent I wanted to be in sharing this with you guys. After going back and forth about it…. I have chosen to be completely transparent. As much as that frightens me, I feel like it would be…

What I took from the experience of 30 Days of Me

“Reflect on where these past 30 days have taken you. What has it provided you? How did it affect you?”-La Let me preface this quote with an explanation. For the month of November I chose to embark on a 30 day sabbatical with a friend. S/o to La!! She said that it was time to…

There should be some intro right???!

Let me introduce myself…my name is Lakeysha, but those I hold dear refer to me as Key. I have a strong feeling that you will come to call me the same. I am a west Tennessee native and current resident(Jackson TN to be exact). I am a full time wife, mother, student, worker, and motivator.…

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